dean challenge: otp [1/1]
↳ “[…] they’re kind of chained together and one moves ahead and drags the other one with him and then they reverse and…it’s the epic love story of Sam and Dean." — Eric Kripke, season five DVD commentary for The End.

dean challenge: variations [1/3]
↳ shifter!Dean

dean challenge: scenes [2/10]

dean challenge: tropes [1/6]

Cho & I have wanted to do a Dean Winchester challenge for a while. So we decided to go ahead and make one that suited us. Here’s The Dean Winchester Challenge if anyone else wants to do it. <3

  • [1] OTP
  • [2] Songs
  • [3] Variations
  • [4] Recurring themes
  • [5] Relationships
  • [6] Tropes
  • [7] Quotes
  • [8] Outfits
  • [9] Character traits
  • [10] Scenes


  • [1] Fanmix
  • [2] Sex Scenes
  • [3] Body Parts
  • [4] Interactions

This is simply a fan editing meme inspired by the Fangirl Challenge and the Sam Winchester Meme to celebrate Dean Winchester, and to help challenge and inspire graphic makers. Any and all graphic types are welcome, be they gifs, picspams, graphics, etc.

If you’re doing this, you’re encouraged to complete the meme in order, but the numbers and orders are simply a guideline.

If you need further help/clarification on categories, please go here.

Please use the “#dean challenge" tag so we can look at the pretty things you guys make.

Good luck, and happy editing! :)