When you’re hungry and you eat and your stomach decides it was kidding about wanting to eat, and pitches a fit instead.

Why you gotta do me like this, stomach?

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"I don’t care how much longer Chris Hemsworth’s hair is. You’re my Thor." - Jensen Ackles


A GUYde 2 sam winchesTRE BY SUPERneterl fandem

  • Sam born. Sam drink demon blood becuz evul. Evul baby eyes. Open mouth, asking 4 it.
  • sEM TAKE aLL dean’s food n money. sam TAKE LAST LUCKY CHARMS. leave dean 2 whore self on streats. (plz don’t pay attenshun 2 pasgettios dat dean trow aWAY. dean staARVING.)
  • Sam leave 4 college THE SELFISH BASTARD. knoWLEDGE? BETTER LIFE? NO!!!11 stay n hunT 5EVER. NO WANTING BETTER 4 SELF. 
  • SAM NOT APPRECIATE DEAN’S EMF METRE!!11 Deen made dat with own 2 HANDS and gluED TOGETHER with jizz. ungratefull broder sem.
  • sem dick kill da ladiez lulx dix of death!! joke abt dis 4 next 8 sesun
  • sam get salf kilt. dean hef to sacrifise self for stupidly mortel sam. HE DO DIS CUZ JAWN GAVE HEEM NO SHOISE. instilled in him 4rom childhud, not love sam. sam burden.
  • sem tortured for months by gabreel so fany. gabreEL KILL DEAN MENY TIME. sam nat save him, wy so incapeble sAM???? nat luve dean hard enuf. sam/gabreel fany ship good ship. so flaffy.
  • dean die n sam go to disneyworld and hEF ice cream in palacial palace. he looored womin ruby into sex cave and offered hES BODY. man whore while dean rut in grev.
  • ***drink luts of demUN BLOOD 4 FUN AND TASTY TASTE***
  • den com beck anD WHERE SAM??? FUN TIMES WITH ROOBY DATS WHRE. sam dumb 4 letting hur trick him he know allllllll along.
  • deaan rite and sam wurssst brother. sesun pass of sam being ungretful and stoopid. den sam jump in hell 4 torture and fun with sETEN AND MAKE IT ALL ABOUT HIM. NUT ALL ABOUT U SAM. (setEN IS SO COOL AND LUV SAM. WANT BEST FOR SAM N TORTURE HIM FOR OWN GOOD. SAM/LUCIFER OOOTP)
  • sam now robosem and keep robonesss sekrit. why???????? becuz evul. robo sam keel pepul and hef no moral SOOO MUCH BETER DAN SAM. plz sem stay in da ceg.
  • sam com out booo. cas brake sem wall cuz sem deserve. cAS SHULD APOLOGIZE 2 DEN 4 BRAKE SAM-TOY. sam-toy sometimes usefull many times nut. 
  • sam coma WHY SLEEPIN SAM?? LAZY besterd.
  • sesun 7 tim e fur man whur sam to get laID LUL BACKY SO FUNY. sam express concurn 4 dean s depreshun no1 rrmbre dis. uncaring bruder, nat JUST ABUT UR FuN WITH HALLUCIFER U KNO!! lol bunk buddy i kne he have 4un in cage.
  • SAM LEEF DEAN IN PURGATORY WHY SA,M? SELfish dats why. ”””’normal lyfe with gurl””” ameeela mean 2 sam and haraass him to irresponsiebly take dog. AMELIA HATERS ARE WOMIN HATER.
  • beny teem up w/ deen for ride out of purgatory: beter bruder dan sam ever WAS. sem cuckbluck sesun gr8 destieL. homphobe SaM.
  • sAM STEAL TRAYUL FRUM DEAN. WANT ALL DA SICKNESS FOR SALF. mytharc 4 dean feathers 4 castiel death 4 sem.
  • sam get sloooowly sick, WNY NUT FESTER SAM? den want 2 die and expresse he want 2 die and dat he tiNKS HE LOWEST OF LOW. nUT ALL ABUT U SEM!!! WHY U NO WANT DEEAN TO HEF FRANDS??? DEN PERSUN 2. U LIED ABOUT BEING SULLESS AND MANWHORE SALF TO ROOOBY. wunt demun blud again don’T YOU? want 4from birth. suck all heppiness from Den since u born. caas give den sew mach more heppiness like romanteek allewey scene. #feels #forever
  • next sesusn if sem arund sesun fine. if sem even talk sesun nein!!!!111

"I’m mad that someone caught my attempt to bash a character with claims that have no canon backup and corrected me, but I don’t have a counterargument to it, but I’m gonna act like I was wronged and act like a passive-aggressive pissbaby and throw a fit where they hopefully don’t see it because more than likely, I don’t have a counterargument against someone who knows their canon facts." — the autobiography of fans who’d rather be passive-aggressive because they can’t come up with argument.

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I am a pretty patient person but if there is one thing I will lose my shit over almost instantly it’s my computer/internet being slow my tolerance level is exactly 0 for that shit man I did my time in the 90’s/2000’s I don’t need any of this garbage

"I did my time" damn straight

Most of the time, when an interviewer takes fanfiction to read to the unsuspecting show’s cast that the fic is about, it’s often to gain a humorous reaction from the cast for entertainment purposes, all the while under the assumption that the cast won’t agree with it and will be shocked, and in the process, they end up belittling and mocking the writing and fic writer. There is little care for how the writer will feel to see their fic on live television, being mocked and shamed, all the while discouraging them from wanting to write again. The interviewer will pull up some random search and pick what they deem is a bad!fic, and it’s really terrible that they choose people’s writing to be torn apart during the interview just for a few laughs.

Stop bringing up fanfiction to the unsuspecting cast of a show to mock and belittle for entertainment and views 2kforever.


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I love Sam Winchester.

Sam Winchester is loved by me.

Sam Winchester = love

Me + love = Sam Winchester

There is this thing in my brain where I have intense love for Sam Winchester.

Things I love:

  1. Sam Winchester

Things I don’t love:

  1. [I don’t know, but Sam Winchester is not on this list.]

Sam Winchester

  • love
  • Sam
  • Winchester
  • I love Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester

I love Sam Winchester

I lovelh sathawlt whinchestlehr





Everyone record yourselves saying “but they’re brothers” pls



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can i ask why you dislike top!sam

Because I’d rather have Sam writhing on the end of a dick than someone writhing on the end of his dick.

I don’t care for top!Sam at all.

I really love how you defend Sam

If I see something pass through my dash, or linked to by one of my friends, depending on my mood, I may just end up responding to it. I don’t care if you don’t like Sam, that doesn’t affect me, but when you purposefully misconstrue and twist canon to support your negative claims about his character, I’m not gonna sit by idly and let that fly.